Cassie In The Trees

He made me love him without looking at me.
- Jane Eyre: Charlotte Bronte

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Me too man . . me too :3


Me too man . . me too :3

I want Roger. I don’t care how impossible that is.


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Best. Moves. Ever.   Is it weird I wanna sex up that fat little bulbous headed Roger like he were a raggedy Andy doll? -.^?


The day I died from LOLS

When it’s 1:42 AM

Never try to type ‘clocks’, cause if your dirty minded….


you’ll accidentally type in ‘cocks’ and get a BIG surprise at the results and be all like, WTF! what do clocks have to do with cocks?

I’m not crazy. 

I hate how Toaster Strudels try to be cool and make fun of Poptarts.


Bitch, I like poptarts. Your nasty ass strudels taste like flaky garbage with icing on top.